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Penance - the 1st Book of Teen Heroes Unleashed

Posted On 15am28UTC_f2021Mon, 15 Feb 2021 09:56:17 +000002am28_bMonday20219 By Paula Richey

I have a novel coming out from Silver Empire Press! I’m very excited to release book 1 of my YA superhero series PENANCE as part of Silver Empire’s Heroes Unleashed shared universe.

Having a traditional publisher rather than serving as my own publisher means that they have the right to publish and sell this book. So I will link you to Silver Empire’s site so that you can buy it in print or as an ebook. They also have a book club with fantastic deals from some of the best science fiction and fantasy authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

When the novel is available in print, I may buy some copies to sign and keep in stock for sale here, but for now, go forth and buy from Silver Empire!

Penance – Teen Heroes Unleashed Book One from Silver Empire Press

by Paula Richey and “Thomas Plutarch”

Penance Copper is tired of being a tool for evil.

She’s been working for Acid ever since she was small. She had no other choice, he owned her. Even with her superpowers, she’s never been able to escape. But at least he only has her steal. Never anything worse than that.

Until he orders her to use her powers to kill the superhero Justice for investigating trafficked girls.

Penance doesn’t want to be a murderer. She uses the opportunity to run away from Acid and make a new life. One where she can make up for everything she did on Acid’s orders.

But events larger than Penance are spinning into action, and soon she is embroiled in an intergalactic encounter with an alien boy named Kail, who is perhaps as lonely and broken as she is. Even if he is infuriatingly arrogant.

The first young adult series in the shared Heroes Unleashed universe launches with the Teen Heroes Unleashed series. Readers will love hardworking, sassy Penance as she tries to learn to use her superpowers to save the world instead of to steal.

Can Penance and Kail find the missing girls and save the Earth from an alien invasion? Or will Acid find her again and punish her for running away?

Read Penance today to find out!

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