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Behold! The All New, All Powerful, Pretty Cute OtherRealm Studio!

Posted On 14am28UTC_f2021Sun, 14 Feb 2021 09:55:05 +000002am28_bSunday20219 By Paula Richey
Behold! The All New, All Powerful, Pretty Cute OtherRealm Studio!
Happy Valentine's Day! Just look what I got for myself - this shiny new site!

And also, this shiny new BLOG! 

I have officially graduated to "beginner web designer" now, I think. Before, my rank was "clueless drag-and-dropper." I have moved OtherRealm Studio off of Weebly and onto the hosting package that I got for, which supports up to three sites and ten subdomains. 

There are many reasons for this move, culminating in a sort of overall master plan to take over the world help improve the state of independent entertainment. Now, while it can be cheap to run a site, it isn't free, so I needed to find a way to support this passion project that wouldn't turn it toward profit-seeking.

Any endeavor inevitably turns its focus toward the rewards it gains. Like a sunflower faces the sun, a project faces what feeds it. I want to focus on helping indie creators beat the invisibility problem. If I made it into a revenue-generating site that charged fees to creators or users, that wouldn't be the best thing for visibility.

But now, OtherRealm Studio is hosted on the same plan. My purpose for this site is a straightforward store where you can buy the stories, art, and artifacts you love. If OtherRealm Studio delivers what you want, it can sustain itself and pay for its hosting costs - and as a happy side effect, and WINS - my private workshop and networking site for indie entertainment pros - get to come along for the ride too.

I started and WINS with donations from generous individuals who believe in my vision and want to help. That got the sites off the ground and enabled me to take risks and learn to create sites using open-source software. But I didn't want to keep going back to those generous people and asking for more money in the future just to keep going. 

I decided that the best way for me to be a good steward of the resources they blessed me with was to structure the three sites provided on the hosting plan this way. helps audiences find indie entertainment - including OtherRealm Studio. WINS provides a private networking area to discuss potential projects and partnerships. And the OtherRealm Studio store provides entertainment to audiences and generates the revenue to continue.

I've also tried to be smart about my spending and use open-source software with few plug-ins, though I did hire an indie developer to create (I don't mind supporting another indie when I can!)

I've bought a template theme and now, this blog section, to enhance the site, and I'm still coming in under budget for the whole renovation. I'm also excited about how much I've learned, and I've gained... maybe a little more confidence. 

And now, it's time to sign off and see how my first post looks.

See you in the OtherRealm!
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